ASUS WinFlash allows you to check the BIOS file before initiating the flash operation on ASUS motherboards. All the steps are provided in a quick wizard allowing you to upgrade or downgrade the BIOS in your system without the use of bootable or removable drives. It is always best to have the latest BIOS on your ASUS system to avoid known bugs or fix potential hardware compatibility problems before they become a problem.

Once opened ASUS WinFlash scans your machine for an active Internet Connection, its adapter and checks if battery power (notebooks) is sufficient for the update. You are then given the option to flash a BIOS file direct from the ASUS servers or via your USB drive and also from your machine's GUI. You will be given feedback regarding your the current BIOS state against the loaded update for comparison. After you verify the accuracy of the BIOS version, you can then commence the flash process.