What's New:

1. Fixes SATA configuration select disable and compatible mode will show SATA3 and SATA4
2. Shows some memory spd items to improve overclocking ability.
3. Enhances overclock capability above FSB 500
4. Supports jumperfree FSB to 650
5. Adds auto calculate DDR frequency rule to display DRAM frequency
6. Supports Conroe CPU ratio adjustment
7. Fixes system fail to POST after crash free or EZFlash when using particular XE CPU. (Note: System will still boot after performing clear CMOS)
8. Fixes some ODDs fail to read files from CD under EZFlash2
9. Enhances performance with NVDIA VGA cards
10. Supports AiGear for Presler 3200 c1 stepping CPU
11. Revises NOS table for conroe B2 stepping
12. Supports FSB533 CPU over 3.4GHz frequency under AIbooster
13. Fixes AI Gear fan speed too low sometimes under normal mode