In brief: Although Samsung has not spoke of working on a 5G-capable tablet, the Korean electronics giant has posted a listing for a Galaxy Tab S6 5G on one of its webpages. No other details have emerged regarding the product, and it is unclear if the listing was intentional or put up on accident. As of this writing it has not been taken down.

The Galaxy Tab S6 with WiFi and LTE launched a few months ago. With it came rumors of a 5G model. A listing for "Galaxy Tab S5 5G" appears on a promotional page of the South Korean version of the Samsung website.

The page does not list any other information on the tablet, such as specs, release date, or price. It does use the same thumbnail as the LTE model, so perhaps the specs will be the same, but that could also simply be a placeholder. Other than that it just states, "Coming soon."

Rumors of a 5G variant that Samsung might be working on surfaced in October. SamMobile notes that the device (model number SM-T866N) passed through the WiFi Alliance and the Bluetooth SIG. It was also speculated that the slate would be a Korean-only release.

The LTE model has a Snapdragon 855 SoC, which is 5G capable as long as it has the supporting Qualcomm chips. So the likelihood of it being the same tablet with added 5G support is high, which is not a bad thing.

The Tab S6 LTE scored favorably in most reviews earning it a TechSpot Metascore of 84. That version retails on Amazon for about $578. The 5G model will probably sell for a bit more.

As usual, treat this as a rumor. Even though the new device was spotted on Samsung's own website, the company has not officially unveiled anything. Anything could happen, so don't get your hopes up.

Image credit: Framesira via Shutterstock