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Ventiva shows off tech to keep chips and devices cool

Our gadgets are getting hotter
In context: We've noticed a burning sensation in our pockets lately. Not the bite of inflation, but an actual heat source coming from our phones. Maybe it is 5G, maybe it is a design decision made by Apple, or by TSMC, whatever the reason, our smartphone runs hot.
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As the AI race unfolds, OpenAI keeps the lead and unveils GPT-4

Why it matters: OpenAI launched GPT-4 this week, an update to its popular language model and technology that aims to improve precision and is designed to act as an underlying engine for chatbots, search engines, online tutors, and more. GPT-4 is now available to paid subscribers and there's a waitlist to use the model via API. Furthermore, the AI race is on, with "AI startups" raising funds like there is no tomorrow and big tech companies like Google scrambling to make it known that they are not so far behind.