Overclocking the Athlon XP Processor

With “super-cooling” I was able to get my 1,33ghz processor to 1666 MHz, (it could do 1600 with just aircooling and a high-performance heatsink.) The “super-cooling” used was CPUFX’s Z3 watercooler, which I reviewed here, and its water tank was filled with ice… The temperature was 14C/57F (measured with the tempsensor) quite chilly… There is also a bug in the BIOS on my Abit KT7A v1.3 motherboard, the multiplier named 13x is actually 12,5x and the processor speed is displayed as 1664mhz and not 1666mhz, just ignore this if you have that “problem”, as you see below the much more accurate WCPUID by H-Oda displays that correct CPU speed…

1666mhz is the highest you can get without overclocking with the FSB speed, in which case you risk the stability and actually probability that any of your other devices will get destroyed, I have had an cd-rom drive die due to FSB overclocking and thus I will refrain from displaying results obtained by such overclocking …

I hope this article has been as useful to you as it has been fun for me writing, if you have any problems getting it all to work and you gone through my “Q & A” section above please ask your questions in the “tweaking and overclocking” section of our forums, please don’t send e-mails to me and ask why it doesn’t work if it isn’t entirely necessary, you will get a much faster response in our forums and I will have more free time to work on other articles that way… ;-).

Btw, I’ve managed to decode the multipliers above 12,5x all the way to 20x, but to ensure that they are “safe” and will not be harmful to the CPU I need a test sample, if you are a reseller and has such a CPU which can do 2000mhz or more don’t hesitate to contact me! (12,5x * 160mhz FSB)


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