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Full Guide to OS Dual Booting
Last Updated on November 08, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 4/9

Backup, again

Your first task is to load Windows 2000 & make an ERD (Emergency Repair Disk). Click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup.

Click the Emergency Repair Disk button & follow the on-screen prompts. You should also Tick the box to backup the registry also.

Now backup the following files from the root directory, e.g. C:\, to a floppy disk;

arcldr.exe, arcsetup.exe, BOOT.INI, NTDETECT.COM, NTLDR. Although the first 2 probably wonít ever be needed they seem to be installed there when dual booting so, better safe than sorry. These files can be used in situations where the Boot Loader has been corrupted/broken in some way, simply copying them back into C:\ can fix the problem encountered, e.g. Installing Windows Me over Windows 98 may delete many of those files, & as a result break your Dual boot capability.

Boot Loader tweaking

Load Windows 2000. Right click on My Computer, select Properties. Select the Advanced tab, then the Startup & Recovery button.

Use the Default operating system drop down menu to select the Default Operating System to be loaded during boot-up. This default operating system is loaded assuming a different choice is not selected in the Boot Loader or the timeout for making a selection expires.

Display list of operating systems for. Tick this setting to enable a list of bootable Operating Systems to be displayed during boot-up & the amount of time (In seconds) that the list will be displayed for before loading the Default operating system. This menu can be used to select which Operating System to boot-up each time you start your computer. Untick this setting to disable the display of the list. In this event the Default operating system will always be loaded. If you wish to change this (Assuming you didnít select Windows 2000 to always boot), click on Start, Run. Type in \boot.ini & hit Enter. Add\Edit the line Timeout=x, where x is the length of time to display the Boot Loader menu.

OS Updates

It is probably a good idea to update your Operating Systems now, rather than later. Now that your system has basic dual booting capability it would be wise to have any compatibility/security/bug fixes installed before you begin installing other programs in your system.

Check out our OS Updates page for links to, & recommended installation order of all updates for Windows 98 Second Edition, Millennium Edition & 2000. Once you have installed these updates proceed onto the next section.


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