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The Web

Whether you spell the web "P2P and DNS" or "Facebook and Google", we have you covered. Breaking news about the Internet’s largest and most popular companies, the cloud, social networking, video streaming and more.

Twitter will now let anyone apply for verified status

Twitter is now inviting any and all users to upgrade their accounts to verified status, a designation that until today was exclusively used to identify key individuals (celebrities, public figures and so on) and organizations on the microblogging platform as…

Twitter ups GIF file size limit to a huge 15 MB

Twitter users rejoice! You can now post exceedingly large GIFs to the social media platform, as Twitter has upped their GIF file size limit from 5 MB to 15 MB. The new limit should cover the vast majority of GIFs…

Netflix app is coming to Comcast X1 set-top boxes

Comcast and Netflix have reached an agreement in which the latter’s streaming service will be integrated into the cable provider’s latest set-top box. The two revealed the partnership to Re/code after being asked to comment on rumors. …
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