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The Web

Whether you spell the web "P2P and DNS" or "Facebook and Google", we have you covered. Breaking news about the Internetís largest and most popular companies, the cloud, social networking, video streaming and more.

Happy Thanksgiving from the International Space Station

Just because astronauts are spending Thanksgiving on the International Space Station doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all of the festivities. As NASA recently shared on YouTube, those in low Earth orbit 250 miles above us will be…

Google launches comparison tool for home mortgages

Google has officially added another product to its “Compare” brand. Dubbed Google Compare for Mortgages, the new addition helps prospective home buyers make a more informed financial decision when it comes time to buy a house.

Facebook makes ending relationships less painful

Facebook is experimenting with a new set of tools that’ll make it easier for all parties involved to move forward following a breakup. Starting today, when a breakup occurs and people change their relationship status, the social network will prompt…
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