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Amazon Prime benefits you may not know about

Is it worth paying $99 per year for Amazon Prime's free 2-day shipping on your orders? Depending on how much you order from Amazon, it may be. However, Prime is more than just 2-day shipping. The membership program offers a…

Facebook will soon introduce audio-only Live broadcasts

With Facebook pouring more resources into its Live feature, the social media site is about to expand the service beyond just video streaming. The company on Tuesday announced “Live Audio,” which, as the name suggests, will bring audio-only live streams to the platform. …

What the world searched Google for in 2016

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just a few of the many services that have published Year in Review round-ups as 2017 rapidly approaches. While such outlets attract swarms of people, Google search is still the backbone of the Internet and thus…

Twitch introduces automatic moderator tool to curb chat abuse

Twitch has introduced a new tool to the arsenal of channel operators today, known as AutoMod. This moderation tool uses machine learning to deduce when those in Twitch's chat room are abusing or harassing others, and seeks to automatically remove…
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