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The Web

Whether you spell the web "P2P and DNS" or "Facebook and Google", we have you covered. Breaking news about the Internetís largest and most popular companies, the cloud, social networking, video streaming and more.

Bethesda releases official 'Fallout 4' launch trailer

As if you needed another reason to purchase Fallout 4, Bethesda on Thursday released a nearly three-minute-long gameplay trailer that sheds a bit of light on the game’s storyline. While it doesn’t appear that there are any major spoilers here,…

Valve's annual Steam Halloween Sale is live

Just two weeks removed from Valve’s stealth-themed Steam sale, the company has gone live with its next promotion. The Steam Halloween Sale offers deep discounts on dozens of games across a variety of genres (not just scary games, as the…

Podcasts are coming to Google Play Music

Google has announced that they're getting back into the podcast game with Google Play Music Podcasts, allowing users to listen to their favorite shows and find new shows based on their mood and interests.
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