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Whether you spell the web "P2P and DNS" or "Facebook and Google", we have you covered. Breaking news about the Internet’s largest and most popular companies, the cloud, social networking, video streaming and more.

Watch this skydiver almost get hit by meteorite

Watch this skydiver almost get hit by meteorite

As if skydiving wasn’t a perilous enough experience, one man recently had to contend with something far more worrisome (and unlikely) while plummeting through the air: a meteorite. That’s exactly what happened during a recent jump by skydiver Anders Helstrup.…
Google Maps' search nearby feature is back

Google Maps' search nearby feature is back

Google has finally returned the incredibly useful 'search nearby' feature to Google Maps. The feature disappeared with the Google Maps redesign, which the company officially rolled out to all users last month. Amidst all of yesterday's April fool jokes, the…
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