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Whether you spell the web "P2P and DNS" or "Facebook and Google", we have you covered. Breaking news about the Internet’s largest and most popular companies, the cloud, social networking, video streaming and more.

Google responds to allegations of Gmail snooping

Google responds to allegations of Gmail snooping

Last week TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington took to his personal blog to say he's "nearly certain" that Google accessed his Gmail account to get hold of the identity of an insider who leaked information to him. In a statement to Re/Code, Google…
Quadcopter used to pull kid's loose tooth

Quadcopter used to pull kid's loose tooth

In what may be the strangest use of a quadcopter yet, the brave kid in the clip below volunteers to have his loose tooth removed by the remote-controlled device. Or at least, that’s what appears to have taken place although…
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