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PetSmart acquires for $3.35 billion

Walmart can no longer lay claim to the largest e-commerce acquisition ever as that distinction now belongs to PetSmart. On Tuesday, the pet supplies specialist announced intentions to purchase online pet food and products retailer

Suspect in Facebook shooting dead after police chase

Steve Stephens, the man accused of shooting 74-year-old, Robert Godwin on Sunday then posting a video of the killing on Facebook, is now dead. A tweet by the Pennsylvania State Police indicated that Stephens killed himself after being pursued by…

Facebook Messenger reaches 1.2 billion users

Like the social network itself, Facebook Messenger is incredibly popular. Yesterday, the service passed another milestone: 1.2 billion monthly active users (MAUs). The figure marks an increase of 200 million users over the last eight months and means Messenger now…

Bank of Canada adds Konami code Easter egg to its website

Government employees, particularly those who work for national banks, aren’t usually renowned for their sense of humor and love of gaming. But it seems this isn’t the case in Canada, where workers at the Bank of Canada’s website have added…
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