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The Card Cooler review
Posted by Adam Klein on August 16, 1999

The Card Cooler is a very well made product brought to you by the people over at http://www.thecardcooler.com. The latest video cards being released do generate a lot of heat. That is why there is an ever-growing importance to cool the video sub-system of your computer. Also, when you cool the video card, the chance to overclock the video card rises. Being able to squeeze more speed out of your existing components is something overclockers have been doing for a very long time now.

The video cards that are available in speeds over one hundred megahertz can be tweaked to great levels. The cards of the past were not as willing to overclock. You were lucky if you could run a 90MHz Voodoo 2 at 100MHz. Today, you can take a TNT2 with the standard clock speed of 125MHz and push it to 165MHz and thatís without the Card Cooler. Now, just imagine what the Card Cooler can do with that same card.


The Card Cooler is very easy to install. If you have opposable thumbs and a screwdriver, you can install the Card Cooler. The Card Cooler is mounted on the top and 4th expansion slot brackets. The only thing that you would have to worry about would be to keep anything that would possibly touch it from not touching it. One thing you have to consider before using the card is if you have an adequate power supply to give power to these two very powerful fans and the rest of your system. Believe me, I have gone through my share of power supply troubles.

Initial Impressions

The Card Cooler isnít just two cheap fans held together with a flimsy metal surrounding. The Card Cooler uses high quality components. When you flip to the side opposite the cool looking penguins you will see that the fans are ever glide fans. After installing the Card Cooler, I noticed that I could not hear the fans, but the air passing though them could be heard.

I have other fans that use ball bearings, and they you can really hear them. The fans on the card cooler donít make as much noise as one would think by looking at them. When I placed my hand over the memory chips on my TNT2, I could feel the air moving over the card quite good. Once I put the case back on my system I could hear the sound of the Card Cooler moving air against the side of my case. As of now, It has been 4 days since installing the card and for some reason that sound just went away. It may be that the fans need some time to break in.

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