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VbouncerDL / VbouncerInner****.exe [* = random char]

File Name: VbouncerInner****.exe [* = random char]
Status: VbouncerDL should not be running at startup. It is likely a virus, spyware, trojan, or some other sort of malicious program. Use a virus scanner, and/or spyware removal tool to remove it.
Additional Info: Virtual Bouncer - malware from Spyware Labs. It is distributed by the same bundling and drive-by download techniques as the parasites it claims to remove, so definitely qualifies as unsolicited commercial software in itself. It also has an update feature that can download and execute arbitrary code. Warning - choose "custom" uninstall as "automatic" may remove other programs - see here

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VbouncerDL VBouncerInner.exe Dangerous. Remove.

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