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Startup Programs with 'c'

Startup Name Process Name Status
CheckMsgPlus MsgPlusH.dll, VerifyInstallation May be Necessary
checkrun elite***32.exe [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
checkrun elitelsj32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CheckScan32 regload16.exe Dangerous. Remove.
checktime ct.exe Unknown
CheckVCR IOMagic.exe May be Necessary
CherryKeyMan KeyMan.exe Up to You
ChicoSys webtmr.exe Up to You
china11msn CHINA11MSN.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
ChineseStar cstar.exe Up to You
CHIPDRIVEPinManager sokscmpn.exe Up to You
CHIPDRIVESmartcardManager SCMgr.exe Up to You
ChkDisk chk_disk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
chkdsk c:autoexec.bat Dangerous. Remove.
ChkMail ChkMail.exe Up to You
Choke Choke.exe-blahh Dangerous. Remove.
chope runlli32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
chostsv chostsv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CHotKey mhotkey.exe Up to You
CHotKey MK9805.EXE Up to You
CHotKey zHotkey.exe Up to You
Christmas Music Player TTEST6.EXE Not Necessary
ChromeMark keysh.exe Unknown
ChronitelInitTV CHTVINIT.EXE Unknown
chrono chrono.exe Up to You
CiaBackdoor Dangerous. Remove.
cihost.exe cihost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Cingular Communication Manager CingularCCM.exe May be Necessary
CIO che7e1~1.exe Not Necessary
Cisco Systems VPN Client ipsecdialer.exe Up to You
Cisco Systems VPN Client vpngui.exe Not Necessary
CISrvr Program CISRVR.EXE Not Necessary
Cissi Cissi.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CitiUCS CitiUCS.exe Up to You
CitiVAN CitiVAN.exe Not Necessary
CJET CJet.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Cjstcom Cjstcom.exe May be Necessary
ClamWin ClamTray.exe May be Necessary
Classes int1.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Classes intl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Classes run_21.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Classes srv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Classes srv2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Classes MSTAR2.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
Classes mstart.exe Dangerous. Remove.
clcl3 clcl3.exe Dangerous. Remove.
clcl7 clcl7.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CLCLSet CLCL.exe Up to You
Clean up service.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CleanEasyImg cleanall.exe Unknown
CleanRegPath CleanReg.exe Unknown
CleanSweep Smart Sweep- Internet Sweep Csinsm32.exe Up to You
CleanSweep Useage Watch CSUSEM32.EXE Not Necessary
CleanTemp CLEANT~1.EXEB Up to You
CleanTemp CleanTemp.exe Up to You
Cleanup ONICTASK.EXE Not Necessary
CleanupProgram cleanup.exe Unknown
clean_service clean_service.cmd Dangerous. Remove.
clfmon clfmon.exe Dangerous. Remove.
clfmon nvsvca32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
clfmon.exe clfmon.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Click Radio Tuner clickr~1.exe Not Necessary
Click Tray Calendar ClickT~1.EXE Not Necessary
ClickMe ClickMe.exe Not Necessary
Clickoff Clickoff.exe Up to You
ClickTheButton CTB.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
ClickTheButton csrss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ClickTheButton MSCStat.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Access API Daemon cwbappcd.exe Up to You
Client Access Check Version cwbckver.exe Not Necessary
Client Access Express Welcome cwbwlwiz.exe Unknown
Client Access Help Update cwbinhlp.exe Not Necessary
Client Access Service CwbSvStr.Exe Not Necessary
Client Access Taskbar cwbuitsk.exe Up to You
Client Agent ipxwping.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Agent photes.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client agent for ARCserve W95AGENT.EXE Unknown
Client for Microsoft Networks msclient32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Server Control Process [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
Client Server Runtime [path to worm] Dangerous. Remove.
Client Server Runtime Process csrsss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Server Runtime Process csrs.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Server Runtime Process smmss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Client Update wup.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ClientMan1 mscman.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Clik Status Monitor toolsclickstat.exe Not Necessary
Clipbook Service Clipsrv.exe Not Necessary
ClipMate5x ClipMt5x.exe Not Necessary
Clipmate6 CLIPMT60.EXE Not Necessary
ClipMate7 ClipMate.exe Not Necessary
Clipomatic Clipomatic.exe Not Necessary
Clipsrv Clipsrv.exe Not Necessary
ClipSrv clipserv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ClipSrv CLIPBRD3D.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
ClipTrak ClipTrak.exe Not Necessary
ClipTrakker ClipTrakker.exe Not Necessary
CLMFrontPanel clmpanel.exe Up to You

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