22nm articles

Intel "Haswell" CPUs to arrive June 3

On Friday Intel announced that Haswell, its next-generation of Core processors, would arrive in about 3.33 quadrillion nanoseconds. In less esoteric terms, that means Haswell is slated to arrive on June 3 in the U.S. -- around the same date…

Atom SoCs to use Ivy Bridge-like 22nm, Tri-Gate design next year

Intel talked up its next-generation mobile processors at a recent industry conference, and though no details on a specific SoC were revealed, the company did say the upcoming chips will use the same 22nm technology and Tri-Gate implementation as their…

Industry sources say Ivy Bridge will launch Monday, April 23

We already knew Intel planned to ship its die shrink of Sandy Bridge this month, but separate reports by CNET and DigiTimes this week offer a more specific date: Monday, April 23. Intel is expected to yank the wraps off its next-generation processors on that day, initiating Ivy Bridge PC rollouts...

Everything you need to know about Intel's Ivy Bridge

Intel is set to roll out its latest generation of processors sometime this spring. By normal standards, the launch should mark a new "tick" in the company's product roadmap, but Intel is going beyond just shrinking the current 32nm Sandy Bridge die by introducing some fundamental advancements with its new 22nm process.

There's been quite a bit of information on Ivy Bridge going around ever since Intel detailed the architecture late last year. We'll recap some of the major changes and practical implications, while also bringing you up to speed on the latest developments, including expected launch lineup and pricing.