Camera articles

GoPro updates Hero5 firmware, get your GoPro updates here

The first time I got an SD card error on my GoPro camera it was tough. I threw the house at the thing with zero results. Formatted the SD card, tried a different SD from another camera, bought a new SD card... nothing. Then it hit me, I updated the firmware and problem solved(!). Lesson learned: keep your GoPro up to date. Coincidentally this new firmware improves SD card stability. Download the latest firmware for your Hero5 Black or Hero5 Session here.

Hitachi is developing a lensless camera for mobile devices

Apple eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack from its current crop of iPhones in part to free up valuable real estate inside the handset that could one day allow them to further slim down the device. Hitachi is essentially looking to…

First iPhone 7 Plus camera samples hit the web

Apple last week unveiled a pair of new smartphones in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The latest handsets both feature multiple camera-related enhancements although in keeping with tradition, it’s the larger of the two that sees the most…