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Samsung: Galaxy S3 to reach 10 million sales by end of July

Despite experiencing supply problems and suffering production errors with the rear cases of Pebble Blue handsets early on, which caused over half a million cases to be binned, Samsung says it's on course to sell 10 million of its new Galaxy…

Galaxy S III Review: Samsung's Worthy New Flagship

Last year Samsung solidified its position as the dominant Android smartphone manufacturer with the Galaxy S II. The massive success of this phone helped propel Samsung into becoming the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung isn't sitting idly by as others ramp up their smartphone offerings, and its efforts to stay at the top are wrapped up in the Galaxy S III, a 4.8-inch powerhouse of a smartphone. The S III features cutting edge hardware paired with useful software additions that make it an attractive option for the prospective smartphone buyer.

Samsung releases Galaxy S3 teaser, benchmarks leaked

Samsung has released a new teaser video ahead of their scheduled Galaxy-themed Unpacked 2012 launch event early next month, including yet another teasing jab Apple's iPhone and their ever-faithful users. The company is certainly looking to drum up the hype with…