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Neowin: "Metro" Windows Explorer concepts

Neowin: "Metro" Windows Explorer concepts

For the past couple of weeks, the Internet has been debating the reasoning why Microsoft would dump its "Metro" branding for the Windows 8 user interface. The company could be changing the UI branding to "modern", although Microsoft has yet…
Neowin: Das Keyboard Professional S review

Neowin: Das Keyboard Professional S review

Computer users in the 1990s may remember the IBM Model M keyboard for varying reasons. The Model M was a mechanical keyboard, providing a highly audible feedback as a result of this. It garnered something of a reputation for this…
Trivia Tuesday: Windows 95's golden days

Trivia Tuesday: Windows 95's golden days

Did you know that Windows 95 had a beta program? Yep, users could pay to enter the Windows 95 Preview Program in the United States and they would receive a few 3.5” floppy disks containing the beta OS. It only cost $19.95, or around $30 now adjusted for inflation.

Neowin: How to regain your online privacy

Neowin: How to regain your online privacy

These days it is very hard to keep your profile low when you are online. Services that are used every day by many, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, aren’t exactly known for keeping your data especially private by default.…
Trivia Tuesday: The beauty of high-speed cameras

Trivia Tuesday: The beauty of high-speed cameras

High-speed photography offers an amazing glimpse at what can be produced when you simply slow down the world. Natural motion, such as frogs jumping, can look captivatingly beautiful when shot at thousands of frames per second, and can make nature…
Trivia Tuesday: Some facts about BitTorrent

Trivia Tuesday: Some facts about BitTorrent

Torrenting is perhaps one of the favorite ways for internet users to download copyrighted material for free. It involves downloading a .torrent file and loading it into a torrent program, which then finds users around the internet (thanks to "trackers") who…
Neowin: Samsung Series 9 notebook review

Neowin: Samsung Series 9 notebook review

Neowin has published a last minute before Christmas review of the Samsung Series 9, which they claim is easily one of the most stunning laptops they've ever laid eyes upon, especially in the Windows PC market. Beautifully designed, super thin,…