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Google Checkout may be dead, but Google Wallet lives on

Google announced that it is dropping Google Checkout in favor of its more smartphone-friendly Google Wallet service. Businesses relying on Google Checkout to process online payments will have six months to transition to another payment processor. The company says it…

Google joins the FIDO Alliance's board of directors

Google recently joined the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance’s board of directors in order to bolster their two-factor authentication efforts. NXP and CrucialTec have also joined the board according to a press release published by FIDO.

Isis says they will miss their planned summer launch date

A senior executive at mobile wallet and payment network Isis has announced the company will miss their planned summer launch date. Head of marketing Jaymee Johnson told FierceMobileContent that Isis is still fine-tuning their product and as such, it won’t…

Android phones with NFC can be hijacked via their own browser

New research by security specialists Accuvant has revealed at this year's Black Hat conference that the latest smartphones running Android, and equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities, can be hijacked using malicious code loaded via the devices' web browser. …