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RIM delays PlayBook OS 2.0 until February 2012

It's bad enough that RIM's PlayBook was released on the market without key BlackBerry features like BBM or email, but now the company is saying that the software upgrade that's supposed to enable this functionality has been delayed until February. …

BlackBerry PlayBook gets $150 price cut

Best Buy has slashed the price on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook by $150, bringing the 64GB tablet down to $550. The 16GB model dropped to $449, $50 off the original asking price. Could it be that the PlayBook is next in line for liquidation?

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Reviewed: Hot or Not?

The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIM's entry into the burgeoning tablet market that is currently dominated by Apple. It faces a stiff competition from the iPad and the various Android tablets that are just now coming to market.

Does RIM have what it takes to compete at this level of consumer tablet? Is the BlackBerry PlayBook something that the average customer should be parting with their hard-earned money for?

RIM wants Hulu Plus on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion (RIM) is interested in getting Hulu to work on its newly released tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Users shouldn't expect the free version of Hulu on the device, however, but rather Hulu Plus, which gives subscribers an expanded…