Radio articles

Norway is shutting down FM radio in 2017

Norway has decided that it's time to shut down FM radio, flagging the beginning of 2017 as the time the country will fully transition to Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) as the standard for over-the-air audio transmissions.

Weekend Open Forum: How do you learn about breaking news?

How we learn about breaking news (world news, catastrophes, local happenings, etc.) has changed drastically over the past hundred years and even more so in the last decade. What was the latest breaking story that caught you completely off-guard and surprised you not only because of its content but by the medium you first heard it from?

Radio breakthrough could double wireless performance

Stanford scientists have discovered a breakthrough that could double the speed of wireless networks. The technology reportedly allows radios to simultaneously send and receive signals over the same frequency -- something previously thought to be impossible. "Textbooks say you can't…