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Amazon is quietly expanding its retail presence

Amazon is planning to launch dozens of pop-up stores in shopping malls across the US over the coming year according to a source familiar with the matter as reported by Business Insider.

Valve launches developer-run Item Stores on Steam

Valve has launched a new feature that allows developers to sell in-game items outside of their games (yet still within Steam). They’re appropriately known as Item Stores and thus far, only one game – Rust, the open-world survival title from…

Google no longer interested in opening retail store in NYC

We’ve been hearing for years that Google intended to open a network of brick-and-mortar retail stores across the US. The search giant went so far as to lease a 5,442-square-foot space in SoHo (a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan) last year…

Touring Microsoft, Sony and Apple Stores on Windows 8ís Launch Day

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 last week, it was the culmination of a long wait. For most folks, it was a rather jarring thrust into the future. For better or worse, the operating system that introduces the touch-oriented Metro UI to the Windows environment had arrived.

No one is more excited about the launch than Microsoft. The company has launched pop-up holiday stores at malls across America to promote the new OS and the Surface RT. I had a chance to check in with one at Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida.

Toshiba intros StorE TV+ media player, much more

Toshiba's brought all sorts of goodies to IFA this year. We covered the company's Folio 100 Android tablet earlier, but the company has announced a ton of other products. The manufacturer has introduced its new StorE TV+ set-top box with…