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From 1982's E.T. to Present Day's Watch Dogs: How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game?

You pay $60 for many of the new games you play, but how much does a blockbuster game cost to make? Many in the industry don't even know the budgets of games. It is not unusual for developer working on a big-budget game to have no idea of the game's budget. To answer the question, we've pulled a bunch of scattered data from public sources as a first attempt to get a comprehensive sense of how much money the world's biggest and most expensive games cost.

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Game of Thrones kicks it old school style with 8-bit rendition

Game of Thrones fans now have something to hold them over until season four of the hit HBO series kicks off early next year. Uruguay-based comic artist Abel Alves crafted an unofficial 8-bit video game based on the franchise that’s…

ESRB intros streamlined ratings process for digitally distributed games

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has expanded its rating system to address the rapid proliferation of digitally delivered games. As you're likely aware, the group traditionally rates games so parents can make informed purchases. Retail titles receive one of…

Australia finally approves R18+ rating for video games

Australians will soon be able to purchase mature video games with legislation for an adult rating finally passing Federal Parliament. Despite offering an R18+ rating (deemed unsuitable for those under 18 years old) for films, the highest ranking for games…