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Psychonauts 2 passes $3 million crowdfunding goal

Eleven years after the original game was released, Psychonauts 2 has just reached its funding goal on crowdsourcing platform Fig. The campaign passed the $3 million target yesterday, which will fund part of the $10 million to $13.5 million developer…

Multiplayer-only games shouldn't cost $60

Old-school publishers like Ubisoft, EA, and 2K are employing a distinctly old-fashioned way of doing things, especially in this era of free-to-play multiplayer juggernauts. In the long run, the $60 price point doesn’t help publishers or the players they’re catering to. It stops communities from growing.

Multiplayer mod for 'Just Cause 3' is in the works

Just Cause 3 may have been marred by performance problems at launch but what really bummed many out was the admission early on that the game wouldn't feature a multiplayer mode. Fortunately, there's a fix in the works.

This guy completed 'Fallout 4' with zero kills

The Fallout series is known for accommodating multiple playing styles, most of which involve varying degrees of strategy. Given the vast array of gamers around the world, it's inevitable that some like to approach titles from a completely different angle…
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