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Watch Doom 2 played on a single keyboard key display

The number of displays people have ported Doom onto is head spinning: Inkjet Printers, a Commodore 64, ATMs, calculators, iPods, Apple’s Touch Bar, and even a virtual console within the game itself. But it now seems that we’ve reached a whole new level of Doom-on-a-display ingenuity,…

Alienware 15 R3 Review: Now with GeForce 10 graphics

Like most gaming laptop manufacturers Alienware has updated their line-up to take advantage of Nvidia’s excellent GeForce 10 series graphics chips. Significantly faster than their predecessors, GeForce 10 mobile chips are as capable as their desktop counterparts, which makes modern gaming laptops first-class citizens. Up for review today is the latest Alienware 15.

Steam gets major update on PC, Mac & Linux

If you're one of the millions using Steam to cater to your gaming needs, you'll want to know Valve has released a major update that fixes bugs across all OS, in-home streaming options and big picture mode, there are also privacy policy updates and a boatload of changes in the controller section. Check out the complete list of changes and download links.

The first 10 things to do when your PC can't run a new game

You just got a new PC game! Hoo buddy, you are excited. You’ve been looking forward to this one for years. You load it up and… oh, hell. Something’s off. You go into the options menu and make the usual tweaks. Turn off MSAA. Turn down shadow quality. Turn down reflections. Turn off any feature with a weird name and Nvidia branding. None of it does much to help.

HTC gets into VR content with the launch of Vive Studios

Every new platform needs quality content in order to thrive and HTC wants to make sure there’s enough to go around for the Vive headset. After spinning off its virtual reality team into a separate subsidiary earlier this year, the…

PlayStation 4 surpasses 50 million consoles sold milestone

Sony revealed on Wednesday that sales of its PlayStation 4 console have surpassed 50 million units worldwide as of December 6. The figure includes sales of the new PlayStation 4 Pro which launched close to a month ago (the original PlayStation 4 arrived on November 15, 2013).

Will Ferrell to star in a movie about eSports

Hollywood has never had the easiest of relationships with video games. Movies based on the medium have ranged from the abysmal crap thrown together by Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark), to the not-that-bad-if-you’re-fan efforts of Mortal Kombat (just the…

Resident Evil 7: PC demo release date and new trailer revealed

If you’ve played the Resident Evil 7 demo on the PlayStation 4, you’ll likely understand why so many people are hailing the game as a refreshing change for the franchise, and one of the scariest titles in years. 'The beginning hour' had been…

It's PC vs Xbox One in Gears of War 4 this weekend

PC gamers will get their chance to show console gamers how it's done when Gears of War 4 trials cross-platform competitive multiplayer this weekend. While Gears of War 4 already supported cross-platform co-op, this special event is the first time PC…
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