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The 12 Best Games for Android

Droid: It’s not just a robot from a galaxy far, far away. It’s also a pretty great option for anyone who wants a mobile device unshackled by closed operating systems. There are a bunch of really great games available for Android phones and tablets, including lots of the best games that are also on Apple's iPhones and iPads. Here are the 12 best games for Android.

Halo Wars 2 is a solid RTS that can be played with a controller, reviews are in

Halo Wars 2 is a real-time strategy game set in the universe of the Halo series, coming out next week for Xbox and Windows simultaneously (which is unusual to say the least). The game is receiving mixed to positive reviews so far, some are praising it for driving great RTS mechanics with a console controller, while hardcore PC RTS gamers might see this as a more shallow take on the genre. Either way, true Halo fans will be hardly disappointed.

'For Honor' is getting a lot of compliments so far

Widely anticipated game 'For Honor' just debuted this week. The third-person melee fighting game requires strategy and speed to win battles, online or in-story mode. Take on the role of a deadly Viking, a cold-blooded Samurai or a brutal medieval Knight. According to reviewers, For Honor is one of the most enjoyable and bloody games of 2017, so if you're up for that check it out. For those playing on PC, TechSpot's benchmark test is a must-read with 45 GPUs tested.

GOG heavily discounts games for Valentine's Day is having a Valentine's Day sale from today through to February 20th, with a large collection of games discounted by up to 90%. GOG chose the games to discount based on what people had in their wishlists; the more…

Sniper Elite 4 comes out tomorrow, getting mostly positive reviews so far

Touted as the largest World War 2 shooter ever built, Sniper Elite 4 offers a well-rounded and enjoyable campaign with expansive maps, great visuals and open-ended objectives. Multiplayer has been called serviceable, with developer Rebellion offering more modes and maps down the line free of charge. The game comes out tomorrow (Feb 14) for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PS4.

Check out the awesome Torment: Tides of Numenera story trailer

It’s been almost four years since the spiritual successor to one of the greatest role-playing video games of all time - 1999’s Planescape: Torment - was announced. But on February 28, after being in early access for over twelve months,…

Project Cars 2 hits PC and consoles in late 2017

It has been rumored for some time now that Project Cars, the beautiful racing simulator from 2015, would be getting a sequel at some point this year. Today, Slightly Mad Studios and publisher Bandai Namco announced that Project Cars 2…

Corsair starts making pre-built gaming PCs

Corsair is a well known brand among PC enthusiasts for a wide range of components spanning from memory to cases, power supplies, cooling, peripherals and more. Back in 2015 they went a step further branching out to barebones PC kits…
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