Note: This program has been discontinued and is no longer available. There are no downloads here.

iMesh is the latest version of our leading file sharing program. With millions of registered users, iMesh gives you access to countless digital media and other files made available by iMesh users and professional content providers. iMesh has been designed for a better and more intuitive user experience.

iMesh is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program that lets you find, download, share and publish audio and video files, computer games, images, photos and just about any document, within a growing community of millions. Files are located on the computers of other iMesh users who have agreed to share them. Files can be transferred directly from one desktop to another without the need for a server. Its technology allows you to download files from multiple users simultaneously. iMesh also supports an advanced resume feature that ensures the automatic completion of all your requested downloads. Learn more.