Magic NetTrace is an easy-to-use versatile program that combines ping, WHOIS and traceroute functions into one friendly GUI utility. Using this tool you can identify the source of Internet connectivity problems, track down the
source of junk mail, find out a geographic location of a web server or your ICQ buddy, troubleshoot e-mail problems and more. Multithreaded architecture makes the program extremely fast and tight integration with Internet Explorer enables users to perform traceroute and WHOIS lookup with a single
mouse click. Other Magic NetTrace's features include easy network and domain WHOIS lookup for all hosts passed by your packets; ability to perform WHOIS query via web interface if the registrar who supports the particular domain hasn't a WHOIS server; printing the lookup results, copying them to the
clipboard or saving as a file and support for multiple interface languages.

What's New:

- Added whois queries for (.cat) - Catalan, (.eu) - European Union domains.
- Fixed Argentina (.ar) Domain Whois Lookup.
- Remove Spanish (.es) Domain Web Whois Lookup because now NICES to
prevent automatic web whois queries ask to type the text on a picture.
- Updated IP address range map.
- Misc improvements.