Track the music you stream by connecting to a music service or via our web client, app or a browser plugin. View your stats in real time, receive weekly reports, access your listening history and much more.

Embed Your Head

Better yet, you can take it with you. Click the 'Share this station' links for our new radio pages, perfect for sending to friends or embedding into your own website. Radio is central to, and so we've stopped hiding it in a sidebar. Tune in and see what you've been missing...

Make a Mix

Playlists have arrived at Rank your favorite tracks of all time, or show off those free downloads you found, and then put it on your profile page. Gold tracks will play full-length, on demand. Just use the 'add to playlist' button on any track page or chart to build up your list.

Make a Quilt

Fresh from our flash widget oven, we've got shiny new image quilts for you. Pick your color and size, you'll get an animated quilt of your top artists or albums that you can embed in your Myspace with a single click, or copy the code to put on any website. You'll never need a boring text list of your favorite bands again.

Interactive Charts

Looking for those gold tracks for your playlist? Look no further than our new interactive charts, complete with inline track previews and other button-y goodness. We even straightened up those image quilts for a streamlined new look.

Find your Friends

You're probably way more popular on than you realize. By popular demand, our new contacts importer looks up other users of the site based on your web address book. Friend-tastic.

What's New

  • Android version updated to
  • Fixed iTunes crashing when upgrading firmware on OS X.
  • Retrying when we get a playcount diff of 0 from iTunes