The main task of PractiSearch is to start a web search of a selected text with a hotkey or a mouse click, thus providing you with the quickest way of searching. If you do not want to spend lots of time copying the text, opening Internet Explorer (or other browser) and pasting the text in the Google Toolbar, or even opening a search engine website and then pasting the text in the search box, then PractiSearch is what you need.

Select a text you want to search, press a hotkey, for example, Ctrl+C+C (you can assign different hotkeys) and a Google web page will open already with the search results for that text! But PractiSearch is more than just a quick web search. Imagine that you get an email in a foreign language and want to quickly translate it to grasp the meaning. No problem - select the foreign text, press another hotkey and an online translator web page (e.g. Babelfish) will open with the translation already. So all your efforts in getting the translation is just one click!

But PractiSearch is more than just a web search and translation assistant - its resources (besides a variety of search engines and online translators and dictionaries) include news sites, online shops (e.g. Amazon and Ebay), software archives, entertainment portals and much more. Besides you can easily add your own web resources in PractiSearch.

* Start the search in the default resource (Google) immediately by highlighting a text in any application and pressing Ctrl+C+C or Ctrl+Ins+Ins

* Use other customizable hotkeys to start searching the default resource or any other resource of your choice from any Windows application

* Use customizable hotkeys to send the text to the SearchBar

* Movable SearchBasket for receiving text with the help of drag-and-drop.

* Double-click the Practisearch icon in the system tray to open a SearchBar to edit or enter the text to be searched

* Use a movable SearchBasket for the drag-and-drop search

* Large database of popular internet resources available for search

* Users can easily add their own resources into PractiSearch

* Easy import/export of the resources and sharing them with your friends by e-mail

* Search a group of selected resources simultaneously

* Add resources to the Internet Explorer context menu

* Select a custom browser