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Alchemy Network Monitor PRO 11.0.6

Monitors your LAN servers availability and performance, alerts on failures. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Alchemy Network Monitor PRO

Alchemy Network Monitor monitors your network servers and business-critical applications availability and performance and immediately alerts you if a server gets out of order. Alchemy Network Monitor can also perform certain actions (e.g. launch an external application or execute an SQL query) when a server stops responding to the programs requests and maintain a detailed server monitoring log. With Alchemy Network Monitor Network Administrators can receive detailed reports on their servers activity and performance that helps to balance the server and network load and detect bottlenecks

What's New:

- Added: Wake On Lan function as a result of a server malfunction event
- Fixed: The program opened two monitor edit dialogs if the user clicked a certain menu item
- Fixed: The program did not substitute global macroses when sending certain alerts for NT event log and SNMP trap monitoring types Read more.

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