* Fixes DHCP WAN IP function, when WGM124 can't get WAN IP in some network environments.
* Improves ADSL WAN function: WGM124 will keep trying the ADSL WAN when the network or ADSL modem fails (Idle time out = 0).
* Updates Airgo wireless driver to v1.4.0.163, fixing minor compatibility problems, that also affected performance.

How to Upgrade:

This process erases all the configuration settings you entered, setting them back to the defaults. Write down all the changes you've made: usually this includes (at least) information such as ISP configuration and wireless security settings.

1. Download the upgrade firmware
2. Open a browser on your LAN computer.
3. Access the router (, unless you changed the default IP).
4. Log in to the router (User Name = admin and Password = password unless you changed the password).
5. Write down all settings that you entered during previous configurations.
6. Under Maintenance, click Router Upgrade.
7. Click Browse and locate the upgrade file for your router.
8. Click Upload.
9. Wait for the router to reboot.