Installation Instructions:

1. Download the firmware file to your computer.
2. Remove the power cord from the printer.

CAUTION: Do not skip step 3. Installing the new firmware before placing your printer in upgrade mode can render your printer inoperable.
3. Put your printer in upgrade mode by connecting the power cord to the printer.
4. Double-click the My Computer icon.
5. Select C: > KODAK.
6. Double-click the *.exe file.
7. When the Kodak printer firmware updater window appears, select your printer, and then click Browse.
8. Go to C: > KODAK and select the *.pfw file.
9. Click Start to begin the upgrade.
10. When the upgrade is complete, reset the printer by removing the power cord, and then connecting it again.

OS Support:

Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Language Support: