What's New:

1. Add to support Intel P4500 process
2. Rename submenu "S5 RTC Wake Settings" to "RTC Wakeup from S5 Settings"
3. Rename BIOS item "Wake system with Fixed Time" to "RTC Wakeup from S5".
4. Add RTC function item support.
5. Fixed can't install 64-bit OS when use 8G memory.
6. Fixed can't get usage of C3 and C6 state.
7. Add to support SLP function

Please use flash.bat to update unde DOS, the command:
AFUDOS IMB18.ROM /P /B /N /Reboot

Please use winflash.bat to update unde Windows, the command:
AFUWIN IMB18.ROM /P /B /N /Reboot