What's New:

- Update code for UCC function.

Updating BIOS Procedures:

1. Download the BIOS package (WinZip format with .zip file extension). And close all programs.
2. Unzip and save all files to the same directory of any storage location accessible by the host system. And you should see BIOSfilename.EXE, UCORESYS.SYS, UCOREVXD and UCOREW64.SYS.
3. Click BIOSfilename.exe
4. It shows a dialog icon to remind you to close other programs. Click "OK".
5. After finishing upgrading the BIOS, it shows "Press Any key". Please press any key.
6. Then it shows a dialog icon to remind you to restart the system. Click "Yes".
7. After system restart, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup utility during boot up. In Exit menu, please select "Load Default Settings" and press enter to continue.
8. Select "Exit Saving Changes" and press enter to exit the BIOS setup utility.
9. Now, system is booting up with new BIOS.