OCZ Toolbox (Firmware Updater) Release Candidate

Updating the firmware from the toolbox is not supported when Windows is running off the drive you are trying to update.

WARNING: This is a Destructive Flash, back up all data on SSD. Proceeding with this update will result in complete loss of data on the SSD.

Toolbox will not update a primary system drive (e.g. drive letter "C:"). You must run Windows from another drive and then update your SSD using Toolbox.

Improvements since version 1.3:

  • Increased read performance at low queue depth
  • Improved sequential write performance for 128GB and 256GB models
  • Increased performance under specific workloads of mixed reads and writes
  • Improved host compatibility with dated / uncommon BIOS revisions
  • Improved stability when resuming from S3/S4 on older generation motherboards

OCZ reserves the right to change products or specifications without notice.

Important Notes:

OCZ recommends that you perform a backup of your data on any storage device on a regular basis.
Fully validated and official firmware releases do not alter the data on your OCZ SSD, but we recommend you have a current backup of your data before updating the firmware.

This firmware is a release candidate and therefore an update will reformat your SSD. Please make sure to backup all your data before proceeding with the update. The 1.4RC firmware is not fully validated and errors might occur in rare cases.