Our high-performance, tiny-footprint C400 mSATA drive took top honors at the 2012 Flash Memory Summit, winning a Best of Show Award in the Most Innovative Flash Memory Consumer Application category.

The mSATA is setting a new standard for mobile computing by delivering on the true promise of Flash---ultra-fast, reliable, low-power storage in a tiny footprint for the rapidly emerging ultrathin market.

Product Overview

The ultrathin computing market demands an SSD with high performance and low power consumption---all packed into a small footprint. Built on the award-winning, OEM-qualified architecture of our C400 drive, our new C400 mSATA delivers.

At just 1.2 x 2 inches, its caseless, incredibly lightweight form factor enables slimmer designs while providing the same high performance as our full-sized C400 drives. With a fast SATA 6 Gb/s interface and a new 32GB capacity for caching applications, the mSATA drive fulfills the true capability and promise of SSD technology.

Available in densities up to 256GB, it also minimizes energy footprint and extends battery life, making it ideal for high-performance mobile computing.

Powerful, Applications-Focused Performance

  • Sophisticated NAND-management processes ensure high performance and low latency
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface removes the bandwidth bottleneck
  • Tuned for real-world performance, providing faster operating system boot and hibernate times, speedier application and file loads, and improved data-transfer time

Designed for Mobile Computing

  • Lightweight (<10g), small-footprint design
  • Caseless form factor enables slimmer, innovative end designs
  • Lower power consumption enables longer battery life

Durable and Reliable

  • Rugged, reliable design with no moving parts
  • Built with Micron's proven 25nm NAND
  • Proprietary, proven NAND-management algorithms maintain industry-leading drive reliability

Ideal applications

  • High-performance mobile computing
  • Caching applications
  • Ultrabook™ platforms