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Use WD’s free apps to upload, access and share from anywhere with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

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What's New:

  • Resolved issue of device to USB backup failure
  • Improved analytics logging support
  • Resolved remote connection through the web portal is blocked when updating to Java 7 Update 51.
  • Added 3 seconds of white/blinking LED to indicate the system restore upon power up function has initiated.
  • Added blinking LED to indicate the hardware reset process has initiated once the reset button on the back of the unit has been depressed long enough.
  • Added Product Improvement Program option. This option will allow WD to improve future updates by collecting information such as the product serial number during a firmware upgrade.
  • Resolved issue of NTP is still running after being disabled through the dashboard.
  • Resolved issue of support web page links from the dashboard are opening in English despite the dashboard running in another language.
  • Resolved issue of a USB drive named as "backup" will not mount when attached to the USB expansion port.
  • Resolved issue of a created scheduled safepoint is not run automatically.
  • Resolved issue of firmware update duration is taking too long to complete.
  • Resolved issue of no indication is shown when an incorrect username/password is entered when creating a safepoint on a private share.
  • Resolved issue of dashboard displays inconsistent number of media files.
  • Resolved issue of the dashboard media scanning progress displays incorrect status.
  • Resolved issue of created user names are displayed only in lowercase text.
  • Resolved issue of notification emails are still sent after being disabled through the dashboard.
  • Scheduled automatic firmware update is now randomized to occur within the selected hour.