These SoftPaq's contain the Windows XP video driver and utility for the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 / Mobility FireGL 9000 graphics subsystem. It enables advanced features and functionality in these graphics chips.

Fixes the following issues:
- 3DStudioMAX, D3D slow in wire frame mode
- 3DStudioMAX, D3D incorrect display in MetalBump viewport shader with Cubemap + Bumpmap
- 3DStudioMAX, D3D Device failure when viewing large scenes in wireframe mode
- Inventor, OGL Initialization may fail
- Inventor, Swaptype 4 is slow
- XSI, texture missing after particular sequence
- Viatronix, application flicker
- Macromedia director texture issues
- Opticore Realizer, problems with shadows
- NeverWinter Nights, lock-up loading module
- Extended Desktop resolution lost on reboot
- Workstation Threadwin Stress Test stops responding
- Problems when starting Quake3 with 3D SS preveiw Windows open
- Lock-up running DX8.1 SDK bump earth and ProCDRS-03 simultaneously
- Screen Savers flicker or corrupt when DLCY.exe OpenGL demo is running

- Adds checkbox for SharedBackAndZ to Configuration tab.


Thanks to Warp2Search.