1. Fixed DOS 6.22 booting failure from FAT16 partition.
  2. Revised display mode of HTT CPU LOGO.
  3. Fixed BIOS hang-up problem which is caused by specific CPU cooling fan reporting error RPM to BIOS when CPU FanEQ 60% enabled.
  4. Revised the following default settings in BIOS setup page.
    - Bootable Add-in Device: PCI Slot Device
    - CPU FanEQ Active Temperature: 70 C
    - CPU Warning Temperature: 85 C
  5. Enabled "IDE Block Mode" and hid the option.
  6. Revised ICH5R RAID BIOS display issue.
  7. Fixed COM2 device existing in Windows Device Manager problem.
  8. Revised power-on delay time from 4~5 seconds to 1~2 seconds after AC powerloss and resume.
  9. BIOS Compile Date: 5/19/2003.