The CATALYST™ software suite 4.10 contains the following:

  • RADEON™ display driver 8.062
  • HydraVision™ 3.25.0006
  • HydraVision™ Basic Edition 3.25.9006
  • WDM version 4.07
  • Southbridge/IXP Driver

Desktop product family support

Supported on the RADEON 9500, RADEON 9600, RADEON 9700, RADEON 9800, RADEON X300, RADEON X600, or RADEON X800 Series of products.
Note you must have Microsoft’s .NET Version 1.1 Framework installed.

ATI Integrated Product Support

The CATALYST™ software suite is designed to support the following ATI integrated product family:

  • RADEON™ IGP 320
  • RADEON™ IGP 330
  • RADEON™ IGP 340
  • RADEON™ 9000 IGP
  • RADEON™ 9100 IGP Pro
  • RADEON™ 9100 IGP
  • IXP 150
  • IXP 200
  • IXP 250
  • IXP 300

Operating systems supported

The latest version of the CATALYST software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

New Features

This section provides information on new features introduced in the latest release of the CATALYST™ Software Suite. New features include:

Enhanced Rotation Support for Extended Desktop View

The CATALYST™ Software Suite 4.10 provides support for Rotation mode in extended desktop view. Currently rotation hotkeys are implemented for simultaneous view but are disabled when the system is in extended desktop mode. This feature will be supported under the Windows XP operating system and is supported on all currently shipping ATI Desktop products.

720p and 1080i HDTV Mode Support

The CATALYST™ Software Suite 4.10 introduces support for both 720p and 1080i HDTV mode for both CRTs and DFPs. A new properties tab labeled Troubleshoot is added to the ATI Classic Control Panel for both the FPD and Monitor properties page. The Troubleshoot tab will allow users to force 720p and 1080i modes.

Performance Improvement

As with most CATALYST™ releases performance has increased in various situations. The following performance gains are noticed in the game Doom3:

  • Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEON™ 9500 PRO product
  • Performance improves approximately 5% on the ATI RADEON™ 9600 XT
  • Performance improves 5 to 9% on the ATI RADEON™ 9700 PRO
  • Performance improves 4 to 6% on the ATI RADEON™ 9800 PRO
  • Performance improves approximately 4% on the ATI RADEON™ 9800 XT when using higher resolutions
  • Performance improves 3 to 14% on the ATI RADEON X800 PRO
  • Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEON™ X800 XT
  • Performance improves approximately 3% on the ATI RADEON™ X300 product
  • Performance improves approximately 4.4% on the ATI RADEON™ X600 product