Notes and known issues:

- This is a BETA driver release for Matrox Parhelia 128/256 AGP, Parhelia PCI, Millennium P650 PCIe, Millennium P650/P750 and Matrox QID series.

- To extract the driver files, enter the following command where is the name of the driver file you want to extract: tar xvzf .tar.gz

- To install the drivers, go into the directory created by the decompress command: cd and run the install script as "root" user: sh

- If downloading from a non-Linux operating system do not save the file as html

- Please read release notes before installing: readme-1_4_3.txt

- For advanced features please read the advanced release notes before installing: readme-1_4_3-advanced.txt

- This driver enables 2D and 3D (multi-display OpenGL).