All customers are strongly encouraged to update Mac OS to the latest system update available.

This version provides improved support, increased stability, greater functionality and a wide range of bug fixes.

The following is a list of operating systems supported as of the release date for this software version:

Mac OS 9.1 to Mac OS 9.2.2
Mac OS X 10.1.x, 10.2.4 and higher

Installation Instructions
HP recommends you uninstall any previous version of your HP All-in-One software before proceeding.

Uninstall Previous Software
To uninstall your current HP All-in-One software, double-click the HP Uninstaller application located in your Hewlett-Packard folder, which is in your Applications folder. Do not remove Memories Disc or Readiris when you are selecting the components to uninstall. If you encounter problems during un-installation, please contact HP Customer Support.


1. Double-click on the hp all-in-one installer icon to install the HP All-in-One software.
2. Be sure to complete all screens in the HP All-in-One Setup Assistant.

For Mac OS X 10.1.x Users only
Your print or fax queue is configured automatically after setup. If you would like to configure a queue manually in the future follow the steps as mentioned for Mac OS X 10.2

For Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3 Users only

1. Launch Print Center (or Printer Setup Utility) from the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
2. ClickAdd Printer.
3. Select a connection method from the pop-up menu. Your device will be listed under one of the following: HP AiO Print, USB, Rendezvous, HP IP Printing. To print to fax, select HP AiO Fax from the pop-up.
4. Select your device in the browser list and click Add. Your device is added to the Print Center's printer list, with the suffix "(Print)" or "(Fax)".
5. Quit Print Center.

To change printers in the future, you may either do so directly in an application's print dialog box or change the default for all future print jobs using Print Center.

Adding New Users (Mac OS X)
After creating a new user account in Mac OS X, the new user must run before using the HP All-in-One device. The HP All-in-One Setup Assistantis located on your hard drive at /Applications/Hewlett-Packard/HP Photo and Imaging Software/HP AiO Software/HP All-in-One Setup Assistant

Classic Installation Notes (Mac OS X)
The installer installs the Classic drivers and Chooser extensions in the Classic environment if the installer is run in OS X. To access the Classic feature of the HP All-in-One software, you need not have to install another copy of the software on Mac OS 9.

Note: Mac OS X: Driver Download Has Decoding Failure Using Safari

When downloading an HP All-in-One Driver using Safari (version 1.2), the downloading completes but displays a decoding error in the download manager.


1. Open Safari.
2. Select Preferences from the Safari menu.
3. Click the General icon in the toolbar.
4. Uncheck Open "safe" files after downloading.
5. Re-download driver.

It is advisable to re-open the Preferences and recheck Open "safe" files after downloading after re-downloading driver.