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Survey reveals almost half of all managers aim to replace workers with AI, could use it to lower wages

Define "collaborative"
A hot potato: A lot of companies try to assuage fears that employees will lose their jobs to AI by assuring them they'll be working alongside the tech, thereby improving efficiency and making their duties less tedious. That claim feels less convincing in light of a new survey that found 41% of managers said they are hoping to replace workers with cheaper AI tools in 2024.
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Tech layoffs are becoming the new normal

Salaries have also stagnated, layoffs are second only to the dot-com bubble
The big picture: Job cuts in the tech industry last year were attributed to the need to economize, driven by inflation and a hiring spree during the pandemic. So, what's the explanation this year, especially when many of these firms have accumulated a significant amount of cash?
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EA says generative AI will make gamers spend more, speed up development time

A hot potato: Electronic Arts is an organization that arguably only misses out on the title of "most-hated game company in the world" because Ubisoft exists. As it turns out, EA loves generative AI. CEO Andrew Wilson has been praising the technology, claiming it is set to make EA 30% more efficient while boosting monetization by 20% over the next five years. It also sounds like it will cost more game developers their jobs.