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The Netherlands is scrambling to stop ASML from moving its lithography business outside the country

Why it matters: ASML is the largest manufacturer of photolithography machines, designed for etching intricate circuits onto silicon wafers to create advanced computer chips. It stands as the most highly valued European tech company, boasting a market capitalization of nearly $400 billion. Additionally, ASML represents one of the major business ventures in the Netherlands' economy.
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Biden administration to invest $5 billion on next-generation chip-tech research

Recap: The Biden Administration conceived the CHIPS and Science Act as a far-reaching plan to rebuild the US microchip industry essentially from scratch. The plan includes roughly $280 billion in public subsidies to boost domestic research and semiconductor manufacturing, with public and private sectors working together towards a common goal.
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Wrestling with AI and the AIpocalypse we should be worried about

Some would argue that AI is a fad, the next bubble waiting to burst
Editor's take: Like almost everyone in tech today, we have spent the past year trying to wrap our heads around "AI". What it is, how it works, and what it means for the industry. We are not sure that we have any good answers, but a few things have been clear. Maybe AGI (artificial general intelligence) will emerge, or we'll see some other major AI breakthrough, but focusing too much on those risks could be overlooking the very real – but also very mundane – improvements that transformer networks are already delivering.