Socket Cooler round up

Vantec CCK-6035D

Vantec’s CCK-6035D comes with a standard clip that pretty much like in the SK6 only uses two cleats on the socket. Although I didn’t like the method used here, it shouldn’t create any problems since the 6035D is not a heavy cooler. The procedure of clipping onto the cleats was easy; it didn’t even require a screwdriver…



The cooling capacity of the CCK is good, although not particularly impressive, if you can find this HSF for a good price, say 25$ go for it, but otherwise the SK6 represents better cooling performance for your money.

If you take a look at the temperatures graph later in the article you will notice that while this heatsink peak performance with a Delta fan wasn’t that impressive, the “step down” to the YS-Tech fan wasn’t as noticeable as on the SK6, so a tip from my side would also be not to buy this HSF with a Delta fan, the cooling performance will only be increased by two or three degree Celsius.

Thermosonic Thermoengine

This cooler uses a fairly unique design. In the middle you have the solid point, let’s call that for the core… this is a really smart design since the fan’s motor creates a “black-hole” here anyway… But there are a few things I can complain about, first is that the HSF’s core will not hit the centre of the core on the CPU (the centre should have been offset be a few millimetre to make up for this). The other being the clip, Thermosonic says it’s giving 19 lbs. of pressure, and while this is good because higher pressure lowers your temp due to better contact between the CPU and HSF, in this case I thought it was a bit to stiff.


A note should be made here though and that is the the supplier of the HSF has heard of no complaints that the cooler actually has caused any problems due to stiffness of the clip… Also this fan just like the previous ones only uses two of the total six cleats on the socket, so the chances of breaking one of could be higher, due to the higher-pressure vs. the other HSF’s in this review…

Oh and lastly the threads on the HSF for the fan screws are very poor, so poor that when I changed fan they got “worn out” or whatever you want to call it, this in turn makes the screws vibrate and cause all sort of annoying sounds, not fun!


The performance of the Thermoengine is really good for an all aluminium design, out of all aluminium HSF’s tested this one is creating the chilliest temperatures – And it even gives the CCK a run for the money… A note about the temps supplied by the onboard sensor chip: Since it’s underneath the CPU and this HSF is blowing on the chisel this is why you are seeing so good results on that sensor – In real world this HSF is not better then the CCK – With the CCK I was able to boot at 1050mhz, with the Thermoengine I couldn’t. Remember; I’m only measuring the temp outside of the chip – But it’s the inside that counts ;)


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