Socket Cooler round up

Vantec FCE-62540D

Vantec’s FCE-62540D uses a different clip than the two previous coolers, and I actually found it to be better in the way it’s shaped, but it still  only uses 2 of the total 6 cleats on the socket, a shame!


The difference is that on this HSF this could be a problem, while the HSF itself is very lightweight the shape of the fins make the HSF’s heavier point to be away from the socket, which could cause the cleats to break of during transport due to shock… Although mounting the clip is easy, just like the other HSF from Vantec this one doesn’t require a screwdriver to get the job done.


The cooling performance of the 62540D isn’t that good, even though it has a big fin size and a fast Delta fan on top, it wasn’t able to convince, if you need an aluminium HSF, take a look to the 6030D below instead. When I tried this HSF with the YS-Tech fan I got a blue-screen, showing that it is incapable of removing the heat of modern processors. Remember my CPU is “only” outputting 50w of heat, the Thunderbird 1,4ghz releases 73w of heat!

Vantec FCE-6030D

The other aluminium cooler from Vantec’s is called FCE-6030D but this one is much smaller and thus I can’t complain much about that it’s clip only uses 2 of the cleats on the socket because it’s extremely lightweight…



The cooling performance is tied to that of the FCE-62540D, but that one is about twice as large! I guess that if you move your computer around much, aren’t planning on overclocking, your CPU is below the GHz mark and you get it at a real bargain price. I would recommend this HSF to you, it simply can’t kill your CPU because of its weight… This heatsink just as the above aluminium cooler from Vantec gave me a blue screen when I put the YS-Tech fan on…


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