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Full Guide to OS Dual Booting
Last Updated on November 08, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 3/9

OS Installation – Windows NT/2000

Thankfully Windows 2000 setup can occur, or at least be initiated from within Windows. Simply insert your Windows 2000 CD & the setup program will be auto-run. You’ll receive the following prompt.

Do not select Yes, select No. Instead select Install Windows 2000. The next screen to appear being the following;

Select the Install a new copy of Windows 2000 (Clean Install) option & hit the Next button. Enter in the Serial number & at the next screen select the Advanced Options button.

The first 2 entries in this section should be left alone (As before, I do not recommend changing the Installation folder for Windows 2000). In particular you should Tick both options available here – Copy all setup files from the Setup CD to the hard drive & I want to choose the installation partition during Setup (So you can select the other partition for installation). Click Ok & enter in your preferences for the other options. Click Ok to start the installation procedure & reboot as prompted.

After re-booting you will have additional installation option available.

1.       Press ENTER to – Setup Windows 2000 now.

2.       Next a list of Partitions available for installation will appear. Select the empty one (D:\ most likely) & hit Enter.

3.       Next comes up certain file system format options for the selected partition. Choices available being as follows;

·         Format the partition using the NTFS file system.

·         Format the partition using the FAT file system.

·         Convert the partition to NTFS.

·         Leave the current file system intact (no changes).

I’d recommend selecting Format the partition using the NTFS file system as NTFS has more benefits than the FAT32 file system (more secure, handles larger partitions better & so on). Although this will leave Windows 98/Me unable to access files on the NTFS partition…… which is why I recommended making the Windows 98/Me, or other FAT 32 partition larger – so that Programs & other files can be installed/saved onto it instead of the NTFS partition.

Either way, the choice is yours in the end.

Once installation has completed, setup any users accounts (I just use Administrator only). Should you have any problems check the Troubleshooting boot/Uninstall problems section.


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