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Mac Mini experiment

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I have been using Mac OS X for the past 24 hours (along with my PC, of course). The transition, if you can call it that, has been smoother than I thought. I haven’t used a Mac in the past couple of years for more than a few minutes, which means last time I worked using one for a prolonged period of time was probably on an ancient version of the OS, perhaps version 8 or 9… so far I’m impressed with the capabilities of Tiger.

I’m trying to move most of my important files to the Mac Mini’s HD, in case I ever need to work on the site from it, that way I will also be able to learn the OS doing something useful. First thing I may try to accomplish is putting up a new newsletter here although I’m still trying to learn my ways using the new platform given that I will have to replace some programs I use in Windows and are not available for Mac.

Oh, and believe me, you want to buy any new Mac with at least 512mb of RAM. That’s what I’m using and although the system feels ok for the most part, I do notice some slowdowns when multitasking, probably more so than in XP with the same amount of memory.

Written by Julio Franco

May 28th, 2005 at 2:12 am

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