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Switcher 2.0: Finally an Exposé like app for Windows that works!

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Mac fanboys and even some so-called Windows fanboys will praise OS X like there is no tomorrow… all while bashing Vista in the process, of course.

In my personal experience Vista is not as bad as some people say, while XP with its rocky past, today seems to be solid enough. Apple’s OS X offers a nice overall environment and while it’s still missing some appeal for me to become a switcher, I have to admit it’s got one particular feature I would love to get in Windows: Exposé!

Ever since I upgraded to Vista I have waited for developers to come up with an Exposé-like application to replace the good looking but useless Flip3d. Well, it’s been over six months and I have tested a bunch of implementations… some would simply crash, others would become system hogs (and eventually crash), this went on and on for months.

Until now. Microsoft employee Bao Nguyen has been working on such an application for months on his free time (as a hobby project, not Microsoft directed). He already used to have the better Exposé application out there with Switcher 1.0 but it was still a bit buggy and not fast enough to really use and enjoy. Earlier this week he silently launched a beta version of Switcher 2.0 and I have been playing with it for a few hours now. It’s finally here, Exposé for Windows that actually works like it’s supposed to!

I’m happy to report Switcher 2.0 (beta – download here) feels very solid, it’s very customizable in both looks and function and runs fast enough for daily use and abuse. At least on my desktop system running Vista (Athlon X2 4400+, 2GB, GeForce 7800GT) it runs just fine, even playing videos and updating windows in real-time. Excellent job, great free application!

Written by Julio Franco

October 11th, 2007 at 7:08 am