Learn about the latest in search, Chrome, Android, Gmail, and other innovations from the search giant.

Reports suggest Google has killed Nexus phone branding

In the coming months, Google are set to release two heavily-rumored handsets built by HTC, but the latest report from Android Central suggests these phones won't carry Google's traditional Nexus branding. Instead, Google has decided to end the Nexus label…

Google is reportedly working on a revamped Android launcher

Google is working on a brand new and completely redesigned Android launcher that's set to debut on this year's Nexus handsets, if information from Android Police is correct. This new launcher, potentially called the "Nexus Launcher", removes the app drawer…

Google Play Family Library for sharing apps and media is now live

Google has finally launched a feature that allows users to share their purchased apps, games, TV shows, moves, and books with other users. Known as the Google Play Family Library, the feature rivals Apple's two-year-old Family Sharing plan for iTunes…
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